lo que a su derecho convenga

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Good morning! Can anyone help me with the translation in bold, which come from a legal contract? What it deems appropriate? Thank you!!

la Parte afectada lo comunicará a la otra a fin de que ésta última subsane el incumplimiento imputable, o en su caso exponga, de forma fehaciente, lo que a su derecho convenga, en un plazo que no deberá exceder de 15 (quince) días naturales a partir de la fecha en que se le informe por escrito del incumplimiento. Si una vez transcurrido el plazo señalado en el inciso anterior, la Parte en incumplimiento no subsana dicho incumplimiento o no manifiesta lo que a su derecho convenga, la Parte afectada podrá dar por terminado anticipadamente el presente Contrato sin necesidad de declaración judicial alguna o demandar el cumplimiento forzado o la rescisión del presente Contrato, según corresponda...

This is what I've got:
The affected Party shall notify the other Party in order for the latter to remedy the non-compliance attributable to it, or if applicable, to state, in an irrefutable manner, ***, within a term that shall not exceed 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date on which it is informed in writing of the non-compliance. If after the term indicated in the preceding paragraph, the Party in default does not remedy such default or does not state ***, the affected Party may terminate this Contract in advance without the need for any judicial declaration or demand the forced performance or the termination of this Contract, as the case may be...
  • This should work,
    “….or otherwise present, in a truthful and conclusive manner, such response as may be in its best interest,…”