1. Francisco Pope Senior Member

    Estados Unidos

    In the Daddy Yankee song, Lo que paso, paso, what does the title mean.

    Muchas Gracias,

    Francisco Pope

    HUMBERT0 Senior Member

    What happened, happened...
  3. Ushuaia

    Ushuaia Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    castellano rioplatense
    I am not familiar with the song (hey, I don´t know it at all!!), but "lo que pasó, pasó" is a common expression which literally means "what has happened, has happened / what has gone by, has gone by". Its meaning is similar to that of the English "let bygones be bygones".
  4. rodriarano

    rodriarano Senior Member

    Argentina (Spanish)
    The song says something like:

    "What happend, happend
    between you and I"
  5. Esau Member

    El Salvador
    El Salvador, Spanish and English
    Hello, "lo que paso, paso" means something like "let bygones be bygones"

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