lo si può precisamente scandire ed attraversare

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    Hallo dear friends! What do you think about this English translaton? English needed. Geology. Thank you very very much.
    (context ... queste montagne sono come una “macchina del tempo”...)

    formazioni rocciose
    , ed ognuna di queste, come le pagine di un libro, racconta un particolare ambiente e quindi un particolare momento della storia del nostro pianeta. Camminando fra le (nome di montagne) si incontra il tempo fossilizzato nelle rocce, lo si può precisamente scandire ed attraversare, come in pochi altri posti del mondo.

    rock formations; like the pages of a book, each of them tells the story of a particular environment and therefore of a special moment of our planet's history. Walking in the (nome di montagne)you can experience the fossilization of time, revealed by the rocks: an easy way of accurately beating and going through it, like in few other places in the world.

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    Hi raid and welcome :)

    I think most of your translation is very good, although I would say "a special moment in our planet's history". About the phrase in question, something less literal might be more appropriate here such as

    ...you can experience time standing still in the rocks. You can measure and traverse it as in few other places in the world.

    I wouldn't use "beating" here.

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