Load into the truck or onto the truck

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Chazz, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Chazz Senior Member


    Do you load something into or onto a truck?

  2. dadane Senior Member

    New Zealand
    English (London/Essex)
    Both. Logically you would expect into for a truck with a side- or end-loading enclosed trailer and onto for a tipper or a flat-bed, but it is not that simple. I would say you can't load into a flat-bed, otherwise the two are pretty much interchangable.
  3. Parla Senior Member

    New York City
    English - US
    Dadane's reply sounds right to me in AE, too.
  4. Chazz Senior Member


    So if i understood it right: u load something into a bed of a pick up truck and onto a flatbed truck?

    Thanks again
  5. Alby84 Senior Member

    American English
    I would load something into a U-Haul and something else onto a flatbed. If it's flat, you lay something on top of it, while if it's an enclosed hollow space, you load something into it.

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