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WHat do you call a person whose job is to load/unload goods from vehicles? I've looked up 'mover', but it has something to do with moving furniture. 'Loader' doesn't seem to exist! "Stevedore' and 'docker' are about working in ports. Im looking for a more general word.
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    What do you mean exactly? What sort of place is the person moving things from a vehicle?

    For example, 'a mover' is someone who moves your furniture from one house to another. They will come to your house, load a van, drive it to a new house then unload it. So they do just load/unload from a van.

    A stock worker (stocker) works in a stock room for a logistics company or a loading area for a large company/warehouse loading and unloading vans.

    Again, a docker would do the same at a dock.

    Another one would be not an established company but a place where you hire someone with a van for a one off job to move some things for you. That would be 'man and van' or 'white van man'

    There isn't really a genetic term for it all, loading a van tends to be a role within a company, and not a job in it's self. I guess the most generic term for it would be 'loader' but it begs the questions 'loading what? and for whom?'