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What does the local football club should be in Australia, if local is not the town or the state? I mean what does "local" here mean?

The town is newly established and too small to has its own football club. It has only one cinema, one restaurant, one post office, one pharmacy, and one of everything. I'm not sure about the state, but this local football team goes around the state when they are on tour.

Thank you for your help.
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    Thank you, bendeniz.

    But what is a specific place?

    I wonder if it is a city. But I'm not so sure. I think it is something bigger than a town. The writer used our local team, our local club. Are cities in Australia big enough to have their own football club?


    i dont know if i properly understood what you mean because of my english. but local might be a village or country. If the place is bigger it doesnt be properly local team because it wil be too big for "local". even a village have got an amateur football team.

    local in my native language lokal if they're exactly the same thing. local is what i said.


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    "Local" can mean "nearby" or "involving the vicinity".

    Let us suppose that I live in the town of Green, which is located in White County and the state of Blue. Other towns in White County that are all near Green are named Grass, Grange, Grove, and Grumble. There is no hardware store in Green; the hardware store that is closest to my house is located in the town of Grass two miles away. Thus, the local hardware store for Green is in the town of Grass.

    The young men of Green love to play baseball, but there are not enough of them to make a team of players who all come from Green. Instead, the players on the team also come from Grange, Grove, and Grumble -- and so the young men of these four neighboring towns have formed a local baseball team.
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