locales de pública concurrencia

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  1. po79 Member

    Hi everybody

    I'm looking for the english expression equivalent to the spanish "locales de pública concurrencia"

    These are places where there's expected to be many people, i.e. theatres, restaurants, cinemas, malls, etc.

    This expression is used in electrical and fire safety standards in order to improve security measures.

    My try is "public concurrence"? I don't think it's correct.

    Thanks in advance
  2. vikitalink New Member

    argentinian spanish
    En español también se dice "locales públicos", tal vez si buscas una traducción para esta expresión también es correcto.
  3. po79 Member

    Thanks vikitalink for your help, but I couldn't find anything related with it yet.

    Anyone could help? thanks in advance
  4. isabel.de.ilocos

    isabel.de.ilocos Member

    Santiago, Chile
    U.S. English
    Areas, locations, sites, frequented by large numbers of people; where the general public congregates/gathers in large numbers.

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