localidad, municipio o delegacion, entidad federativa

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    Hi, I am translating a Mexican Birth certificate. I am having trouble figuring out the City and State for where this person was born.
    The Lugar de Nacimiento reads as follows: Localidad-Morelos, Municipo o Delegación-Venustiano Carranza, Entidad Federativa-Distrito Federal.
    If anyone can help me understand this I would greatly appreciate it. :D
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    Localidad = place (town)
    Municipio = municipality
    Entidad Federativa = state

    Distrito Federal is the equivalent of our Washington D.C.
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    Thank you so much this helps out a lot.
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    Got here looking for some word. Just as an informative note, Distrito Federal is divided into 16 political "Delegaciones" under the government of DF. Venustiano Carranza is one of them. A "delegation" (sounds to me something like a borough) would be the equivalent to a municipality in the states of the Mexican Republic, but without the same attributions/powers as the municipality.
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  5. Azbent Senior Member

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    Then what would be the trasnlation for "delegación"?
  6. JGCuadra Senior Member

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    Division perhaps?
  7. Azbent Senior Member

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    I found it as borough, seems to be approprite...
    1. a : a medieval fortified group of houses forming a town with special duties and privileges
    b : a town or urban constituency in Great Britain that sends a member to Parliament
    c : an urban area in Great Britain incorporated for purposes of self-government

    a : a municipal corporation proper in some states (as New Jersey and Minnesota) corresponding to the incorporated town or village of the other states
    b : one of the five constituent political divisions of New York City

    : a civil division of the state of Alaska corresponding to a county in most other states

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