Location of A relative to B

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I'm teaching my students how to talk about the locations of different places in the town with reference to the other places.
With this in mind, which question is normally used?

A) where is the library (located) relative to the cinema?
B) Where is the library (located) in relation to the cinema?
C) Where is the library (located) with reference to the cinema?
  • emorycook

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    I think C could be fine if you use "in" instead of "with". They all seem pretty grammatically correct, but I know that "with reference" isn't heard quite so frequently as "in reference", so " Where is the library in reference to the cinema?" would be a pretty common question. But I genuinely think any of the three work. Probably A is best.


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    Note, afshin, that in English, you can be "correct" and still sound weird to native speakers.

    "C" is teetering on that edge of that abyss. ;)
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