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Hi everyone, I have some questions about the location of object in a sentence
For ex: After work time, the relationship between me and him isn't the relationship between workers and manager anymore.
I don't know that I should use "me and him" or "He and I" in this case
or I have another ex: No one except she can do this project.
Should I use "She" or "Her" in this case?
Is it correct if i say that we always use objective after a preposition?
Thanks for help! Sometimes I feel that I am so stupid because I often get confuse about these things though I have studied English for over 10 years :(
  • entangledbank

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    Don't worry, native speakers vary in their usage here. The simplest rule is to use the objective forms after any prepositions: between me and him; no one except her. You won't always see these, but these are the most widespread and generally acceptable.
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