lock, stock and barrel


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I have located a couple of old threads, including one in which lock, stock, and barrel was translated as armi e bagagli. That also happens to be the translation proposed by Garzanti. I would appreciate your confirmation that this would also apply to the specific example below:

He sold the family business to Company XYZ, lock, stock, and barrel

meaning that he sold all assets pertaining to the business, retaining absolutely nothing.
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    Direi che potrebbe essere appropriato nel contesto descritto, anche se io preferirei l'espressione di significato simile "(piantare) baracca e burattini".



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    I'd tend to use the noun baracca in this context too. A possible sentence:

    Ha venduto l'intera baracca alla ditta XYZ.
    Ha venduto tutta la baracca alla ditta XYZ.