locker room stunts


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Just watch out for him, Jared wanted to say. Because writing on Billy’s arm was a minor thing. A grade-school thing. In high school there have been ugly locker room stunts I don’t want to talk about. In part, because I never put a stop to any of them.
Source: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King et al.
Context: Jared and Marry are school friends. Jared wants to warn her about Eric. Marry will be going out to a concert with Eric. When they were at a primary school, Eric was bully and wrote some nasty ink on Billy’s arm.

What does the bolded phrase mean? What does stunt refer to?

Expression I looked up:
locker room: a room containing lockers for the storage of personal belongings, especially in schools or gymnasiums.

Thank you.
  • Keith Bradford

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    Ugly locker room stunts = nasty things that boys do to each other in the school changing-rooms. I'm not going to go into detail, but wet towels or shoe polish might be involved, for instance.
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