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Hi everyone !
I was wondering if there is any difference between "log in" and "sign in" and between "log out" and "sign out". You know, when for example you're on a website and if you want, you have the possibility to write your nickname and enter a private space on the site.
So do you see any difference between them ?
Thks in advance :)
  • Conchúr

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    Moi, je ne vois aucune différence.

    C'est peut-etre comme la différence entre se connecter et s'inscrire en français ? Mais j'en suis pas sur.


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    English (US)
    From my AE point of view, they're interchangeable. I think it simply depends on what information technology tradition the Web page designer comes from (e.g., Unix, IBM mainframe, early microcomputers, ...) as to which verb -- log in/out or sign in/out -- was chosen.
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