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Hi everyone!

I'm confused by saying "I don't log in Facebook." or "I don't log into Facebook.".

Please tell me which one is correct.

Thank you very much!
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    I don't log in to Facebook either. I also say "I'm not on Facebook." or "I don't use Facebook." I feel like I'm the only person in Ontario who doesn't use Facebook.:confused:


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    goodddffffrrreey said:
    Are "log into" and "log in to" the same?

    In the thread log in to / log into, a member gives the following answer:

    I have seen "login to", "log into" and "log in to". Personally, I prefer "log in to" because I see "log in" as a phrasal verb.

    She walked into the hotel. (The verb is "walked")
    She checked in to the hotel. (The verb is "checked in")
    She logged in to the website. (The verb is "logged in")

    This is only a personal preference. I don't know of any definitive standard.