loge (gardien, réception)


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Context: health and safety instructions. if an incident occurs out of hours:

Le cadre de garde sera averti par la loge conformément au PIU [plan d'intervention d'urgence]
The on duty manager will be notified by the [office] according to the ERP [emergency response plan]

I don't understand loge in context - lodge?

Any explanation greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    La loge can be a small room (not a box) at the building or estate entry where the gatekeeper/night watcher/guard stays. Is it a lodge ?


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    In a school where I work, la loge is basically reception or the front desk. It is physically separate from the rest of the school and you must be buzzed in from there. It is the place to refer oneself for all access questions and from where a fire alarm, for example, would be coordinated.
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