logement chez l'habitant

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  • zam

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    England -french (mother tongue) & english
    Plusieurs possibilités, c'est quel genre de séjour ? pour qui ? etc.

    En British English, on dirait plutôt (en général, je ne peux pas être + spécifique sans détail)= stay with a family/host family accommodation (dans une brochure)
    en Américain, plutôt 'homestay accommodation' mais y'a d'autres possibilités selon le contexte.

    (='tenement' ne convient pas ici, ='logement social'/'HLM')


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    Hi, Everyone,
    Care needs to be taken with the word "tenement". It is an old word which has fallen somewhat into disuse. Its original meaning was rented accommodation. This was usually an appartment or flat in a building. Obviously many of these properties were of low quality and some of them became examples of social housing similar in nature to "HLM". Interestingly, many of these tenemented properties are nowadays owned by the people who live in them and are quite desirable places to live. Many young adults in Britain's cities would aspire to own such a property.


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    England -french (mother tongue) & english
    Yes, absolutely, these flats are often the new 'des res' of the 21st century, but the term is far more common in your neck of the woods Gm9617, isn't ? (than in England where it's not used a lot -of course it's used a lot in AE)


    Australia English
    logement chez l'habitant = homestay/ home stay

    (I don't think there are any rules about whether it is one word or two)

    Eg Home stay accomodation gives you a chance to experience the country from a local's point of view.


    Home stay gives you a chance to experience the country from a local's point of view.

    It is not always necessary to add "accomodation." That would depend on the context.
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