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Hi, everybody,
Could you please help with a difficulty in the novel by Adrian McKinty "Fifty Grand"?

"Come out slowly with your hands in the air,” the man said, still hiding behind the door.
Nothing else we could do. “Pedro took the keys,” I said.
Logic worked us; we got out of the Land Rover and lay down next to Pedro on the desert floor.

I am not sure but I interpret the phrase this way: we can see that they are not kidding. If we don't obey then they start shooting (hence the logic). This reasoning makes us obedient.

Is my understanding correct?
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  • Yes, I agree, your understanding is correct. Of course, this derives from the incredible creativty of writers, who often play with language and invent a new phrase and usage right on the spot, sometimes to the delight of the reader, sometimes to the misunderstanding of the reader, and then never use that phrase again, nor does anyone else, since it was a one time creative stroke.

    It certainly is not at all a set phrase in English.
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