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    You appear to have answered your own question. The second example shows that at least one reputable writer considers it to be a word that others will understand.


    Well, I am not sure if it's a sufficient answer (I mean the one you mention), the problem is that this word is not in the dictionary.


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    What do you call this occupation?
    As SwissPete says, speech therapist is the commonly understood name for someone who helps cure speech pathologies. If "logopedists" include those who help with dyslexia (per the Wiktionary definition), I'm not sure that there is a good umbrella term in common use.

    I'd never heard of logopedics or logopedists before this thread. If you introduce yourself as one, you might have to explain in more detail the conditions you treat.


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    Actually, "logopedics" (I guess "logopaedics" is the BE spelling) is in the WR English Definitions dictionary ("the study and treatment of speech defects"), so a "logop(a)edist" would be a practitioner of it - a fancy word for a "speech therapist".