lokita / loquita

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  1. LeDoog

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    So am I right in thinking this means somehthing like crazy bitch????

  2. yane Member

    loquita instead of lokita
  3. scotu Senior Member

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  4. ILT

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    Not necessarily. Depending on the context and the tone, it may mean crazy or silly girl. The word in Spanish does not have the offensive connotation usually given to the word bitch. I mean, loquita is a word that can be used in front of anyone.

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  5. Julie_UM

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    The correct spelling is "loquita". Teenagers use "lokita" when they write. It is the diminutive of "loca" / "loka". It is not necessarily offensive but it depends on the context.
    Es una loquita. Anduvo con todos los tipos del barrio. (offensive)
    Estoy loquita de amor por vos. (not offensive at all!!)

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