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Hi, I need to do a translation, including the word lollapalooza (there has been a lot of talk about this lollapalooza). What does that mean??It is obviously a person...
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    It is unlikely to be a person. Could you provide context, please? For instance, a sentence containing the word would be helpful.


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    Yes, it's about Liza, but figuratively -- as when people are referred to as a "hurricane" or a "carnival." It means that they have the same effect as one of those events. :)



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    Could it be that the (capital L) name of Elisabetta's large musical event derives from an older, more general meaning?

    I'm sure I've heard "a lollapalooza" in old American films, meaning something like "a very large number" or "a stunning example". This website seems to bear out that use....


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    Well found, biblio!

    The previous thread even explains the relationship between "lollapalooza-the-term" and "Lollapalooza-the-festival":)

    I'd never have thought of looking under 'palooza'.

    (Totally off-topic thought: wonder if I should change my name? Lollapaloobza has a definite ring to it...)
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