lolled at his ease

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I'm translating a new edition of Peter Pan.
Chapter 14
My problem is "He (Hook) lolled at his ease. humming, not unmelodiously, snatches of a rude song and fingering a pack of cards"
Loll can mean lie at his ease or idle about, right?
A few passages before it reads "they broke into a bacchanalian dance, which brought him to his feet at once"
How do you imagine the scene? Hook laying down again or idling about? What's your feeling as natives?
thank you very much in advance as usual
  • ewie

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    Hello Ciop. My feeling is that he's not necessarily lying down ~ he could be sitting down or even, at a stretch, on his feet ~ but whatever he's doing he's very very relaxed. But I think it's more to do with what his body's doing rather than what he's doing.
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