Loneliness he did not find too bracing

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    I've got to say, after coming into contact with Melville here, it has persuaded me not to read his work. The man appears to have taken Jacobean circumlocution and redefined it.

    I take it by 'resume' you actually mean 'reduce'?

    If you mentally reduce the sentence to "Loneliness...he did not find...too bracing", you have the entire essence of the sentence. And I would posit that (albeit recognising the author's prerogative) the '...if anything...' could be considered erroneous.


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    I would say that "if anything" goes with "he did not find." "He did not find loneliness to be too bracing, if he felt anything at all about it." But I can see another interpretation being "if veteran solitaires feel anything at all."
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