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The following sentences are from an article which deal with if a child rapist should be sentenced to death, but I am not sure what the underlined part imply. Can you explain?

The justices will no doubt consider loneliness of Louisiana's aggressive position when deciding whether a national consensus now exists to allow a broader range of crimes to become subject to capital punishment. The high court has in recent years banned execution for the mentally retarded, underage killers and those receiving an inadequate defense at trial.
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    Louisiana is "lonely" in the sense that Louisiana was only one of six out of 50 states that had laws allowing the death penalty for child rape. The legality of those laws was overturned in 2008 by the Supreme Court that declared the practice unconstitutional.

    The writer is speculating (despite the use of "no doubt") when he or she says that the Supreme Court justices would be 1) considering the minority view of Louisiana, and 2) deciding whether there was a national consensus (a majority of Americans) who felt that a broader range of crimes, other than murder, should be punishable by death.


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    ... the isolation of ... would be better. Loneliness is for a person; it can't be used for a state's position on something.
    Personally, I think it can and I prefer loneliness to isolation, which has a different connotation for me.


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    Whether one prefers loneliness or isolation, there must be a typo in the original: the word should surely have a "the" in front of it....
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