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    The dictionary says

    means long distance call. Could one say 长途朋友 to mean long distance friend? In English we often say long-distance relationship, which describes a romantic relationship between two people who are far apart. If I said long distance friend it would make sense like a friendship between two people who are far apart (although it's not as common of a phrase). Would 长途朋友 have this meaning (long distance friends, non romantic) ? Or is there a better way to convey that? It is to describe my friendship with someone in China. I think to describe food that blends Chinese and American styles you could say 中美菜, maybe I could say 中美朋友?

    用中文说说 :

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    long-distance call “长途电话” YES
    long-distance relationship “异地恋” (具体分还有“跨省恋”-apart in different provinces 和“跨国恋”-apart in different countries)
    long-distance friend ...“远方的朋友”怎么样?暂时还想不到别的什么词是这个意思,:eek:但肯定没有“长途朋友”这个词,“中美朋友”也不太合适,看你的句子怎么说吧~
    我倒是想到一句老掉牙的诗,常用来形容long-distance friendship的:海内存知己,天涯若比邻。It's a cliched poem usually used to describe long-distance friendship, which means, "we are so close friends (sort of "soul mates") that even if we live far apart, I could feel you as if we were neighbourly."

    Hope others could give more advice~
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