long straight dark hair [order of adjectives]

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Dutch- Belgium
In another thread here (dating from May 2006) I found a link posted about the order of adjectives telling the following:

2. The normal order for fact adjectives is size, age, shape, colour, material, origin

Is it correct then when i speak of hair styles to say:

half long curly black hair
short wavy blond hair
long straight brown hair?

(i think i need to give a reason why i would like to know this? I'm a language teacher, and with three adjectives I need to be sure, it doesn't come as natural as two adjectives apparently)
  • Seelix

    English (Canadian)
    Maybe by "half long" you mean "shoulder length"? That's the usual way we describe hair that rests at the shoulders.

    In my mind: short hair = above the chin, and long hair = below the shoulders.
    Of course, short and long are subjective.


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    English - US
    Personally, I think in these particular examples dealing with hair types/styles, I would order the modifiers in (almost?) every way. long black curly hair, black curly long hair, black long curly hair, long curly black hair all work for me depending on what property of the hair I want to emphasize. None of them have the "bad" sound of "red large truck".
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