long wavy hair / long, wavy hair

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Maybe my question will sound strange to you but I would like to enquire about the use of commas in sentences describing people's appearance. I have asked two Englishwomen who are my friends and their opinions were completely different. One said you should use a comma in the sentence I quote below and the other claimed you don't use a comma there.

The sentence:
She had long wavy hair. So is the same sentence OK if I insert a comma: She had long, wavy hair.

  • entangledbank

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    It is common to use a comma when the two adjectives are at the same level: her hair is wavy and it is also long, so it's long, wavy hair. (As opposed to if it were wavy hair which is long: 'wavy' is not more closely related to the noun.) But the comma is unimportant, and often it's not used.
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