Longevity, commitment, knowing


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Dear friends, Can you paraphrase this paragraph in simple words:
Longevity, commitment, knowing, being held by this knowing and for this knowing: This is sex as home, as the finest way we are given to express and receive love, lust and each other.
  • :) Hi Hossein
    The sentence you gave makes no sense to me. I think that it is grammatically incorrect.

    Would you please check the sentence again please?
    It is difficult to paraphrase just this sentence without a larger context, but I will attempt it.

    A long life together, committed to each other, making love, being held by this love and for his pleasure: this is how sex should be in a good home, the best way we have to celebrate love, lust, and each other.
    hossein31 said:
    hi thank you very much
    What do you think about the word "hold" in this paragraph? Would mind elaborating more your previous post?
    'Hold,' I think, functions on two (or more) levels. It means the physical act of holding each other in an embrace, but also the idea of sustaining love and each other. For example, when two people 'hold a gaze,' the act of holding actually creates the gaze. If just one turns away, the gaze is broken. Being held in this knowing means both are loving the other and this mutual holding creates love.

    That's just my take on it. It is very philosophical.