longo plano cinematográfico

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    Olá a todos!

    Gostaria de saber que significa "ongos planos cinematográficos" na seguinte frase:

    Munidos de telecomandos, saltamos de canal em canal, revelando impaciência face a instantes de pausa ou a longos planos cinematográficos.

    Muito obrigado!
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    USA English CULTA + RUA
    PLANO 10. Cin. Telv. Trecho filmado ou gravado sem cortes (without cuts).

    In English = LONG TAKE (or lengthy take)
    TAKE: a single continuously-recorded performance, shot or version of a film scene with a particular camera setup
    CUT: an abrupt or sudden change or jump in camera angle, location, placement, or time, from one shot to another
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    Muito obrigado, Gambling!! :)

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