longtime Toisanese and residents, recent immigrants from Fujian, Cantonese

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I started looking into it, and I learned the streets in Chinatown all have these Chinese names. And not just one. Streets can have four or five different names, each used by a different population in Chinatown-- longtime Toisanese and residents, recent immigrants from Fujian, Cantonese. And there are actually these different Chinese maps of the city with the same streets but different names.

Q: I think...
'longtime' ago Toisanese(name of the tribe in China) moved in to Chinatown.
'resent' from 'Fujian(name of the place)', Cantonese moved in to Chinatown.
Am I right?

Q2: What does 'residents' mean here? I think....it sound like wired because Toisanese and Cantonese are 'residents'

As I understand it sounds like..

Longtime Toisanese but
recent Cantonese moved in...

Am I right?

Thanks a lot!
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    Residents are people who live in an area.

    You have three groups:
    1. longtime Toisanese who have been there long enough that they are residents,
    2. recent immigrants from Fujian (haven't been there long enough that people think of them as residents)
    3. Cantonese (we don't know their status because they're described with a single word)
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