Look after her or it's your arse!

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I'm looking for the best way to say "Look after her.' in French.
The person speaking is entrusting his partner to the hospitality/care of someone else in the hope of her avoiding a dangerous situation.
I'm looking for the term that would be used between two people who are deeply familiar, in the strongest, exhortative way, to the point of implying a negative consequence for failure. It is almost a threat.
Colloquial/profanity/slang is more than welcome if it exists; these characters speak a lot of dirty, loose language.

Basically, what would *you* say in this circumstance, given the strongest possible motivation?

Merci d'avance!
  • Guerric

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    French - France
    Look after her means Prends soin d'elle.
    If you want to make it a threat, then rather "t'as intérêt à prendre soin d'elle", "il vaudrait mieux pour toi que rien ne lui arrive" ...


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    Français - France
    Maybe more slang way:
    "T'as intérêt à lui coller aux basques sinon ça va barder pour toi"
    "T'as intérêt à lui coller aux basques sinon tu vas passer un sale quart d'heure"
    approx translation : "you'd better stick to her ass, or I'll put you through hell"

    So, not really the meaning of "taking care" of her, but you asked for slang so I tried :)


    English- New Zealand
    I was wondering if there was a particularly French way to say something like this without imposing restrictions on the result- sometimes people become hesitant to offer options that are not 'exactly' the same so I thought I'd keep it loose.

    I see it might help to know more!

    Literally, the first male character points at the second with the intention of communicating the following-
    'Look after her, or there will be bad/heavy/dire consequences for you'. This is only half joking, because he is very concerned.

    If I had to put the words into his mouth in English, I would say something far more colloquial like-
    "Look after her, or it's your arse."

    Sorry for any confusion and thanks to all respondents!

    franc 91

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    English - GB
    Tu vas t'occuper d'elle sinon fais gaffe à toi, tu vas voir ce qu'il va t'arriver, t'auras chaud aux fesses. (suggestion)
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