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Belgium, French
Hi everybody

I have a problem to translate this sentence "you're still coming here and i'm still going to look after you".
I understand: "Tu viens toujours et je continue à prendre soin de toi".
But it doesn't mean anything!

The context: 2 lovers who just have a fight. Before the fight, the woman shoud come next week to meet the man. They never meet before. That's why i have a lot difficulties to translate "look after". I 've found in the dictionnary: "prendre soin de", "veiller sur quelqu'un".

But here, it doesn't apply because they never meet. Maybe, it means "tu viens toujours et moi, de mon côté, je continue à prendre de tes nouvelles"

Is there an another meaning?

Tell me what do you think?


ps: i do my best to speak in english, i hope i didn't do too much mistakes. If i did, don't hesitate to correct me, it's the only way to improve myself :)
  • cropje_jnr

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    English - Australia
    Well here I suspect it has a meaning similar to, but far less formal than, te prendre en charge - it seems to mean the speaker is going to help the other person out, show him/her around, etc.
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