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I’m a mom trying to learn arabic with my toddler and a baby. We’re all girls.
For the Halloween season we need help. Can someone translate the following into fusha Arabic, and write in English how to pronounce it?
27. Look at that monster.
That’s all. Thank you.
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    Here would be my suggestion as a non-native speaker:

    أنظر إلى ذلك الوحش
    (Un thur ela tha lik lwe7sh (masculine singular
    The -th sound as in “the”
    أنظري إلى ذلك الوحش
    (Un thur e ela tha lik lwe7sh (feminine singular

    أنظرا إلى ذلك الوحش
    (Un thur ah ela tha lik lwe7sh (dual- two people
    أنظروا إلى ذلك الوحش Un thur u ela tha lik lwe7sh (group consisting of at least 3 people with at least one man in the group)

    أنظرن إلى ذلك الوحش
    Un thur na ela tha lik lwe7sh-
    group consisting of three of more women
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