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Hi, everyone:

(1)A woman glancing out a kitchen window in this bedroom community just west of New York City was startled to find a black bear peering back in at her.

(2)"I was making a pot of coffee, and I turned around and there he was in the window looking at me," said Lorraine Grossman.

Could you please tell me the difference between the two phrases?

Best wishes.
  • Dimcl

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    One of the definitions of "peer" is "to look intently", Hly2004. Accordingly, there's not really much difference in meaning between your two sentences. I'm not even sure whether I would recognize whether a bear was "peering" or just "looking" in that situation!:)

    I think the writer of the article was just trying not to be repetitive and used "peer" and "look" for that reason.
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