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Hello tout le monde,

Context: When going out with friends and one person(girl) is dressed quite fashionable.
How do you say, "Look at you! Classy! "
Can you say? Regards-toi! Coquette!
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    Ce fil n'est pas récent, peut-être dois-je en ouvrir un autre sur le forum grammatical. J'ai encore beaucoup de mal à sentir la différence entre: Look at you et Look at yourself.
    Merci de votre aide, je me triture les méninges en vain .


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    Look at you, your dress is all torn.
    Look at you, drunk again, what a mess you are in.
    Look at you, a disgrace to your school.
    Look at you, your hairdo is gorgeous.
    Look at you, doing so well, an example to all others in your class.

    Look at yourself is used when exorting someone to actually take a look at themselves, concretely such as take a look at yourself in the mirror or figuratively when we want them to reflect inwardly on their lifestyle / moral wellbeing.

    Hope it helps.

    Enquiring Mind

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    I'm sure I heard my aunt in Normandy say many times: "Non mais regarde-toi un peu!" Look at yourself! (But also "take a look at yourself!") Much will also depend on the sentence stress and intonation, of course.

    (Que le bon Dieu te bénisse, ma tante.)


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    Sure we could split hairs, Enquiring Mind, and god forbid that one might call into question the authority of your aunt. I, for one, certainly wouldn't.;)

    What I was trying to do was explain as simply as possible to a non-native speaker the difference between Look at you and Look at yourself. If you can do so better, then please, be our guest.:)
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