look forward to vs looking forward to


Hi everyone!!!!!!

My english teacher told that I am looking forward to is more common to use than I look forward to in a formal letter but I'm not so sure...

I think that I look forward to is more formal than the other expression What do you think..??

Thanks in advance :)
  • Machin

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    Both forms are accepted as correct.

    I am looking forward to travelling to London! (This sounds more like a personal plan)

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly. (This sounds more formal and, of course, in a different context.)



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    I think "I look foward to" is a bit more formal, though either would be acceptable.

    To me, "I am looking foward to" has a slight nuance that indicates an actual planned event, whereas "I look foward to" gives more of the general idea that I hope to plan to do something in the near future.

    "I look foward to meeting you." (But I do not know when this will occur.)


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    The difference is minor, but I would agree with you that I look forward to sounds somewhat more formal.


    Thanks everyone!!! So I think I was right to use I look forward to hearing from you in an application letter instead of I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    And it had been wrong to use the other like my teacher told me.