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Paul decided to look into the possibilities of electronicaqlly tagging the trees.

Insted of look into could I also use:

set about or try out ?

  • rainbow84uk

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    Not really, as they mean slightly different things:

    Look into means investigate, so maybe he did some research about electronic tagging. It doesn't mean that he started tagging anything though.

    Set about means start doing, so you couldn't use it with 'the possiblilies' (you'd have to say 'set about electronically tagging...'), but that means that he actually started the tagging. Try out also implies that he has started the tagging to see if it is successful.


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    Look into is an activity that involves investigating, considering, wondering about the possibilities, costs, benefits and so on. It could be a very superficial look, of course.

    It does not involve actually doing any of whatever is being looked into.
    So you could not use either set about or try out. Both of those involve doing it.

    Investigate or consider are good alternatives to look into.
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