look / sound very angry


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Hi there!!

could anyone explain me what is the difference between look and sound in the next sentence??

- he sounded very hangry ( why not looked)

Thanks in advance
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  • Wynn Mathieson

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    He sounded very angry = Por la manera en que hablaba, parecía estar muy enfadado.

    He looked very angry = Por la manera en que se comportaba (es decir por su aspecto visual), parecía muy enfadado.



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    Well, if the person "sounded" angry it means he/she might not have been seen. It could have been a phone conversation.




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    Hi, sandrita82. Basically, they have the same meaning. The difference is that "he sounded" implies that his voice (e.g.) made you think he was angry. If you use "he looked" it's because the way he acted or his face made you think so. I hope it helps! And, by the way, your English looks really good. :D