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The context:

"If he had had a big, bushy beard he would have even looked the part"

- using of the word "part" in this context is so weird and does not make any sense for me. Could someone explain it to me?

Thank you,,
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    That is not really context, that is the sentence. Where did you find it? What is being talked about? That information is the context we need to help you.


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    It's been over a year now, and I guess the question is answerable even without context. I'm very surprised that the idiomatic phrase "look the part" doesn't seem to be in our dictionary.

    If you "look the part", your appearance matches the role you are playing - but it may be what you really are. "Part" here is similar to the part or "role" we may play in the theatre. My old naval friend looks weather-beaten, has a neat beard, and smokes a pipe. He really looks the part. (There is no suggestion that he isn't really a sailor. He looks how we traditionally expect a sailor to look.)

    to look suitable for a particular situation:

    If you're going to be a successful businesswoman, you've got to look the part.
    look the part Meaning in the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary
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