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    From NPR:
    This sentence is quite weird to me. Usually I would say "look at something". But why did he use "looking of" instead of "looking at"?

    Thanks in advance. :)

    SOURCE: Drone Journalism Can't Fully Take Flight Until Regulators Act
  2. Biffo Senior Member

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    This is an incorrect transcription in my opinion. It could conceivably be "off the path", i.e. they're looking in the wrong place.

    I listened to the audio on that site. It was about drone journalism but it did not correspond to the transcript at all.
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  3. EStjarn

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    The transcript might have been computer-generated, and then not carefully proofread. Also, the sentence itself reveals a certain hesitation on the part of the speaker - it's not grammatical.

    To me, it seems the man says 'up', which doesn't make any sense either, but might be somewhat closer to 'at' in terms of pronunciation.

    I wouldn't make too much of this. I would stick with 'looking at'.
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  4. mycityofsky Senior Member

    Thank you for your help, Biffo and Estjarn.

    @Biffo I'm also listening to the audio. I would say most of the transcript is correct, sometimes it only has some small errors such as this one. You said it did not correspond to the transcript at all, maybe you went to a wrong page. The passage following the listening page is only the report, which is arranged by a writer. It's not the exact transcript of the report. You may want to click the transcript link to reach the transcript page. And "off the path" seems all right. Thanks again. :)
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  6. mycityofsky Senior Member

    @Biffo Very appreciated for your listening and examples, I got it. :)

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