Look who finally decided to show up to work today


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Greetings! I'm not sure how you would formulate this phrase. The root phrase is "Look who's here!", which expresses surprise/astonishment/excitement when you encounter someone at a given location. You can say "Look who's finally here" if someone shows up late to a gathering.

The strange thing is that the phrase works with or without an audience: if you come home past curfew, you mom could be waiting up for you and say "Well look who finally decided to come home."

And a boss to an employee who shows up late: Well look who finally decided to show up to work today. Definitely said with a negative undertone. (Could also be sarcastic, if they already called ahead and said they had car problems or some minor emergency)

I feel like a simple "Schaut mal, wer endlich angekommen ist" might be said in the job example, but are there another expressions that contain all the details and sound natural, like: "Ach schaut mal, wer sich endlich entschloßen hat, zur Arbeit zu kommen" or "...auf der Arbeit zu erscheinen" or "...sich auf der Arbeit blicken zu lassen"

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    "Look who has finally decided to show up for work today."

    In a sarcastic tone, I'd say something like:

    = Na, sieh mal einer an, wer sich nun dazu durchgerungen hat, doch noch zur Arbeit zu kommen.

    Or more humorously:

    = Na, sieh mal einer an, wer sich endlich mal dazu durchgerungen hat, uns mit seiner Anwesenheit zu beehren.
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    Sieh einer an/schau an, wer da heute zur Arbeit erscheint.

    Mit "erscheinen" wirkt es sarkastischer und eindringlicher als mein vorheriger Vorschlag. denke ich.
    Es ist fast wörtlich "to show up", es verwendet die gleich Art Metapher.


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