Looking for a proper term: a low wall alongside an embankment


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Could you please help me and tell how these two types of barriers separating the water from the embankments in the pictures, especially in the first one are called?

My only ideas:
1) parapet
2) railing



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  • mbfhh

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    I'd call the second one a balustrade for its appearance but I don't know about location. For the first, I'm tempted to say, "retaining wall," as it probably acts as a buffer for waves during storms.


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    The first would be a parapet if it was on a roof or a raised walkway. I looked at Google Images for 'low parapet' but it all seems to be about roof parapets. I'm not sure what I'd say if I was with someone and wanted to sit on the/this . . . wall? barrier? Wall seems to be the best I can think of.

    Railings, plural, or mbfhh's balustrade, for the second.