looking for work related to my course

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In my country, many people use course as a synonym of college degree.

John and Jane were classmates and both received a degree in physical therapy. In their senior year, they found out that there was an oversupply of physical therapists, and it was a very competitive profession since it's very hard to find work in that field. A year later, they accidentally met at a local grocery store:

Jane: I was hired at a local call center a few months ago, and our company is still looking for more agents. Do you want me to refer you? Just send me your résumé.
John: No, thanks. I'm still looking for work related to our course.

I'm not sure if replacing course with college degree would make it sound natural:

I'm still looking for work related to our college degree.
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    In the US we use "major" the way you use "course", so any of these are good in Jane's sentence:
    - related to our major
    - related to our degree
    - rellated to our college degree

    I think different words are used in BE. Hopefully, someone from the UK will post a comment.
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