looking forward < to/for hearing/hear > from you soon


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79. Take care and we are looking forward ………… from you soon.

a)to hearing (Answer Key)
b)to hear
c)for hearing

Source: text book

I have three questions:
1. Isn't it odd to use "ing" for "looking forward" in my test?
2. I say to myself it's better to omit the word "and" because it's not very good to use it in there. What's your opinion?
Is it ok in there?
3. What about "b" or "c" or "d"? Can't they work as well?

Thank you so much
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    1. No, it is not odd, but it is also OK to say "we look forward to hearing from you soon".
    2. In 79, there should be a comma before the 'and'. You can omit 'and', but then you would have to make it two sentences: Take care. We...
    3. No, they can't. D would mean we are already hearing from you. C (with 'for') does not make sense, looking forward requires the preposition 'to', not 'for'. B does not work because the preposition 'to' requires to be followed by a noun-like object, and 'hearing', as a gerund, works as a noun, but 'hear' is a verb.
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