1. psychokwak44 New Member

    what does " Looking good chap!" means in french ?
  2. Crescent

    Crescent Senior Member

    Russian, (Ukraine)
    Bonjour! :)

    je ne suis pas trop sûre que cette traduction que je ous offrai soit correcte en français, mais j'essaierai quand même: Tu as bonne mine, mec/gars! ;)
    (Je ne sais pas si ça a du sens..) C'est un compliment qu'on ferait à un beau garçon. :)
  3. JeanDeSponde

    JeanDeSponde Senior Member

    France, Lyon area
    France, Français
    Le contexte (phrase entière) serait le bienvenu, par exemple pour confirmer une éventuelle virgule "Looking god, chap !" ("ça se présente bien, mec !")
  4. DaiSmallcoal Senior Member

    English (UK) Wales U.K.
    Should it be "Good-looking chap" ? which would make more sense ?

    comme "un chic type" ?
  5. jetman

    jetman Senior Member

    English - USA
    No, I believe it is as JeanDeSponde says. In AE it would be more like:

    (You are/Everything is) looking good, bud! You're golden!
  6. mathilde70 Senior Member

    "C'est bien, mec !" (mais c'est vrai qu'en français, ça sonne un peu bizarre...)
  7. RobertofPoole Member

    UK . English
    With only 16 hits in Google , this phrase seems to be a newcomer to English and part of some small slice of popular "culture" . As a mature English adult , I don't know what it means ! I'm not likely to need to know , either . I certainly wouldn't recommend its use , unless you know that your target audience uses it too . From the Google contexts , it seems to be a supportive / encouraging expression to make to a friend , but I could be wrong ......
  8. mathilde70 Senior Member

    I hear it fairly often from my brother-in-law, but the Californian equivalent: looking good, dude! And to give more context, the boy belongs to the pretty hip surfing fringe.
  9. jetman

    jetman Senior Member

    English - USA
    "looking good buddy" gave 95,000 hits.
    "looking good bud" gave 32,000 hits.
    "looking good man" gave 27,000 hits.
    "looking good pal" gave 14,000 hits.
    "looking good mate" gave 11,000 hits.
    "looking good chap" gave 5,000 hits.
    "looking good dude" gave 600 hits.

    "looks good to me" gave 854,000 hits.

    It is definitely informal but also definitely in usage.
  10. mathilde70 Senior Member

    The meaning is slightly different though.
    You could say "looking good" to mean you approve of something or someone, and you do not necessarily answer a question.
    "Looks good to me" is a follow-up to a "what do you think of...?" question.

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