looking regal but rather giddy and lighthearted with it

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    I'm familiar with all the words in the phrase below, however, I'm not sure if I interpret the integral meaning the right way...
    Does it imply that she was looking like a queen (=regal??), but sort of "miles off" (=giddy??) and somewhat care-free...(=lighthearted with it)? I'm afraid this is not the best way how to put it, though........
    Could anyone give me a clue? I would be grateful.
    Many thanks.

    G.M.Malliet: Wicked autumn
    "I saw her by the children's clothing stall at some point, looking regal but rather giddy and lighthearted with it. Like a queen amongst what she fondly supposes are her adoring subjects - you've seen that look on her."?
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    I think the author's next sentence (which is not, in fact, a proper sentence) explains it in detail.

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