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Hello, here's an extract from Meredith's Diana of the Crossways (late 19th century):

The candour of the look of her eyes in speaking, her power of looking forthright at men, and looking the thing she spoke, and the play of her voluble lips, the significant repose of her lips in silence, her weighing of the words he uttered, for a moment before the prompt apposite reply, down to her simple quotation of Pat, alarmed him; he did not ask himself why.
/source: gutenberg/

I'd like to ask you: what does the expression looking the thing she spoke mean? My guess is that her appearance somehow mirrored the topic of her speech, but I'm not sure at all. If someone has better ideas, please share, and thanks in advance!
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    Yes, that would be my understanding too. Perhaps also she shows her emotions clearly in her posture or her facial expressions and her emotional response to what she talked about is clear.
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