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  1. perrine1233 Banned

    The end part of this sentence is posing a problem for me to translate into catalan.

    The only people left outside the cinema was Marc and the girl who was looking worried.

    Could I say:

    Les úniques persones que queden fora del cinema va ser Marc i la noia que estava preocupat.

  2. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
    Les úniques persones que van quedar fora del cinema van ser el Marc i la noia que semblava preocupada.
  3. innovator Senior Member

    Català (Girona)
    Les úniques persones que quedaven a fora el cinema eren en Marc i la noia que semblava preocupada. (also: ...la noia que feia cara de preocupada)

    I think "look" in this sentence should be translated into "semblar"

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