loom over / threaten (scandal, dispute)

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Hi there!

I´ve got a question about these two words. In the following context which one is the right one?

"It is not so much the scandals and disputes of recent years that have ______________the Olympic Games" threatened/ loomed over

Which one would you choose and why?

Thanks in advance
  • MartíKvalbein

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    Hi! Both would be correct but they don't mean the same thing. "Threatened" means that they were an immediate danger to the Olympic games. Perhaps, they would cause the cancelling of the games. "Loomed over" simply means that people were aware of the problems but the danger is not immediate. It is simply present in a threatening way.

    I hope that helps. ¡Que suerte estar en Mojácar! Un rincón precioso. Saludos.
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