Loosejaw Dragonfish

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    I need help to help me find a French translation for this fish known as "loosejaw dragonfish".

    Thank you!
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    Hello, cljuf! This question of how to find names in other languages for plants and animals came up recently in another thread. A good way to proceed is this: since you want to go from English to French, google "loosejaw dragonfish" and try to find its scientific name. Once you have that, google it, searching in French, and see if you can come up with its common name.

    Following this procedure, I came up with "le photosomias" for "loosejaw dragonfish". However, this method isn't foolproof, and this is a case in point. "Photosomias" is a genus, of which there are a half dozen species or so. It appears to me that the French "photosomias" covers the entire genus, which in English is not always called "loosejaw dragonfish", but sometimes "loosejaw" and sometimes "dragonfish". So it's hard to know what the common name for each species is, and in fact there may not be one for each species. It appears that if you want to get specific, you might have to refer to each species by its scientific name.

    However, this was just the result of a quick bit of research. If you want to go into it in depth, you might come up with better info than I did. Good luck.
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