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  1. RC3 New Member

    What is the english translation for the spanish word "loquita". I think it might be "sweetie", if not, or if there are several words, what spanish word is the best fit for "sweetie"?
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    I would appreciate you provided some context of the sentences where you have found both "loquita" and "sweetie" in order to give you as accurate answers as possible.

    Look up the translation of "sweetie" in WR: "encanto, cielo": Está niña es un encanto, un cielo. Es un cielo/un encanto de niña.
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    I agree with what ampurdan has just told you!! You can check the translation in the WordReference dictionary before posting!!!

    By the way, "loquita" is the short form for loca, i.e: "little crazy"

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  4. Galianne Senior Member

    Loquita es el diminutivo de loca.
    For sweetie you could also use (besides encanto and cielo) cariño, cariño mío, corazón, corazón de mi alma, dulzura. I'm sure there are many more but it really depends on the context.
  5. swift_precision Senior Member

    Loquita means crazy girl but in an affectionate way. For sweetie there a lot of words you could use like "gatito/a" for example.
  6. RC3 New Member

    Muchas Gracias

    I did look up sweetie in the forums but I wasn't sure about the result. The context was a line from a movie called Cleopatra. A woman who was like a mother to a younger woman called the younger woman loquita. I think cariño works better for affection, but I only see the word cariño and not cariña, when you call woman this should it be cariña or is it always cariño?
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